Thomas M. Schnölzer / VolXküche feat. die Pastinaken (A)

Thomas M. Schnölzer is an autodidact vegan cook, because in Austria it is impossible to finish a chef’s apprenticeship without preparing meat dishes. He organised the volXküche at Spektral and runs the vegan catering service die Pastinaken and the restaurant “Erde“ in Graz.

Workshop: "The art of dumpster diving", 24/09 - 26/09
24/09, 19:30 - 23.00 dumpster tour (meeting point: Continuity room)
25/09, 16.00 - 20.00 participatory cooking
25/09, 20.00 open dinner, White Box

25/09, 20.30 White Box - Open Marathon
Dumpster Dinner