How to make things concrete, fair, sustainable – and transparent

Of course we aim to do everything as politically and ethically correct as possible. To pay fair fees, not harm the environment, work sustainably, create an awareness for the world’s evils. And then of course a lot tends to get lost in pragmatism. There’s a lack of money and time. And sometimes simply patience, or in the end we don’t feel that it is particularly important.

This blog is an attempt to question the everyday business of a festival. If possible, to do things better, but also, in looking back on our objectives, to be honest. Not to gloss things over, but to justify. It is written by the steirischer herbst staff. Everyone researches and tries to find solutions in his own area of responsibility: travel, fees, PR work, everyday office work, sustainable building, catering, etc.

“How to make things concrete – and transparent” is research on our own behalf, but also a call for others to make suggestions and take part in our internal discussions. Hopefully, in the end it will also be a kind of reference for other festivals, theatres, biennials, projects and their endeavours to make things more sustainable, more concrete and transparent.