How to travel sustainable?

We do have artists from all corners of the world. Organising their travels with focus on sustainability is quite challenging. How can we handle this?

Every year we are inviting artists from around the world to show their performances. Due to the international orientation of our festival we’re facing a lot of air travel. But flying produces a high amount of CO2. In comparison with other means of transportation flying even is the climate unfriendliest choice.

In the past we mainly booked plane tickets for artists not coming from Austria. Train travels were only booked when artists asked for it explicitly or rather when the travel was within Austria.

At some journeys we do not really have the choice to search for an alternative to a flight ticket (transatlantic flights, missing railway connections…). Whereas within Europa there is still potential which can be taped.

But is it enough only thinking about CO2 emission when choosing the “correct” means of transport for our artists or are there other parameters that have to be considered?
What about time? Can we expect to have a 12 hours train ride whereas coming by plane takes only 4 hours?
What about money? What if “bad” travel is cheaper than sustainable considered travel? Do we have the financial resources to cover the difference?