Riess lives for enamel.

Not easy to find a product which helds up with many different requirements: Not a cheap give away, not breakable and nice looking… And of course economically, socially and ethically arguable. Our search led us to RIESS

Situated in Lower Austria, Riess is operating in its sixth generation. They produce  enamel ware, other industrial components and glassware along with electrical household appliances.

Very surprising are all the big and also small things, they do for their employers, the environment and how they are aware of their responsibility: they produce their own energy with water power, working hours are coordinated with schooling schedules. As a start up help, Riess let 11 appartments to their employees for free for a certain period of time. All materials used are, if possible, locally purchased, which is made as trasparent as possible also.
For further information how the company is handling their daily (working) life, check out the CRS Report from 2012.

Riess did provide us as well with a written statement to their product and company philosophy for this blog. In their statement, they pointed much more positive argument in favour of enamel beside the ones, which let us chose this cups:

“First and foremost, the good heat conductivity reduces energy consumption when cooking with these pots, pans and casseroles. They also have a surface which is resistant to cuts and scratches, in addition to being aroma-neutral and reducing bacteria, as well as being recommended by experts for sufferers of nickel allergies. But RIESS does not only specialise in pots and pans – the company also produces top-quality, highly durable enamel signs and road signs. What makes them special is the fact that the brilliant, high-gloss, UV-resistant surface doesn‘t fade, keeping its bright colour for decades. Enamel signs are extremely resistant to scratches as well as being easy to clean. Impervious to acids and with a non-rust coating and undercoat, the original RIESS enamel signs are undoubtedly a top quality product which lasts and lasts.”

Riess is selling their products outside of Austria as well. Next time you see an enamel cookingware, check out the bottom. It might be from Riess.


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