Gregory Sholette: Are you talking to me?

Interventionist Art in the Age of Enterprise Culture.
Keynote for “Truth is Concrete”,  21/09/2012

It starts like this. The apparent reemergence of activist art, political art, interventionist art, socially engaged art, collectivized art. Some see it as a return to concerns dating back to the formation of modernism. Others perceive it as little more than an artistic genre, a concept useful for organizing the next exhibition, or a means of freshening up this or that museum collection. But we know it is neither simply repetition, any more than it is just another aesthetic category.  Continue reading

Truth is concrete

Opening Introduction by Florian Malzacher

“Truth is concrete” – this was the sentence written in big letters over Bertolt Brecht’s desk in his Danish exile – quoting Lenin quoting Hegel quoting Augustine. In a time of extreme political turbulence it was a constant reminder never to forget the reality around in Europe of the late 1930ies. In another corner of his study stood– as Walter Benjamin writes in his notes – a little wooden donkey with a sign around his neck: “Even I must understand it”. Continue reading